Ready to bring out the best in your dog?

Just follow these three easy registration steps:

1. Fill out the class registration form

Click to choose your class and tell me a bit about your dog.

2. Read the What to Bring list and the Refund/Cancellation Policy

You are responsible for understanding what to bring to class and for knowledge of the policies listed on this page. Please read our What to Bring list (located in right sidebar) and our Refund/Cancellation Policy located below.

3. I’ll contact you to finish your registration

I read each registration form personally to make sure my classes will be the best fit for your dog. I’ll contact you by phone or email to confirm registration and arrange payment. Payment must be made in full to complete your class registration process.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

To keep class sizes small for maximum individualized attention, we cannot accommodate cancellations or refunds and do not provide make-ups. Please plan carefully to get the most from the class you choose by attending every session. Click here to download and sign our Policies & Cancellation document.



Read the list below carefully and check it twice to maximize your results from class.


  • A healthy dog. Dogs over 4 months old must have proof of current DA2PV, Rabies, Influenza, and Kennel Cough vaccinations.
  • A hungry dog. You’ll get much better results in class if your dog is food-motivated, so forego any meals for the half-day before class.
  • An empty dog, and some poop bags. Classes start right on time, so please plan to arrive 10 minutes before class so your puppy or dog has time to relieve herself before coming into class—and come armed with plastic bags for clean up.
  • A dog with the right level of energy. Avoid playing too much with your young puppy in the hours before class—she’ll be too tuckered out to learn. But do just the opposite with your adolescent or young adult dog—exercise before class will help create a calm dog who is ready to focus.
  • Treats! Bring lots (at least two cups) of tasty treats chopped into small pieces (think M&M or Skittle sized). Nothing dry and boring—go for things like hot dogs, chicken, string cheese, etc. You’ll be glad you did when it’s time to compete for your dog’s attention in a room full of other dogs.
  • Proper leash and collar. Your dog must be wearing a flat buckle collar or Gentle Leader head harness, attached to a 6 foot nylon, canvas, or leather leash. No choke, pinch, or shock collars and no chain leashes or flexi-leads allowed in class.


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