Puppy S.T.A.R.

Puppies are adorable little balls of cuteness—and they can drive you downright crazy. I help you get yours under control and help it grow up into the dog of your dreams with a curriculum based on the AKC’s S.T.A.R. Puppy® Program. We’ll work on basic foundations like sit, down, name recognition, come, walking nicely on leash, look, take it and give it. We’ll also work on getting all the crazy energy under control, including the biting and chewing and jumping. Oh, and house training—don’t worry, we won’t forget that!

For dogs: Aged up to 6 months at the start of class
When: Tuesday, 2/8-3/8; 6:00pm-6:45pm; Saturday, 2/12-3/12; 10:45am-11:30am
Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd. Belmont, NH
Class fee: $170 for 5 weeks


Puppy 2/Adolescence

Raising teenagers is never easy—be they human or canine—but a little training can go a long way. We’ll focus on self-control through exercises around settling and relaxing next to you, sit-stays for saying hello and being petted, walking nicely on leash without pulling, and leave it. And we’ll teach your dog to pay attention to you by working on coming when called, look, and check-ins. In short, we’ll get you through your dog’s adolescence by building the training foundation for a well-behaved dog.

For dogs: Aged 5 to 10 months at the start of class (Must attend Puppy 1 Class as Prerequisite)
When: Wednesday, 1/5-2/2; 6:00pm-6:45pm; Wednesday, 2/9-3/9; 6:00pm-6:45pm
Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd. Belmont, NH
Class fee: $170 for 5 weeks

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Basic Manners C.L.A.S.S., Level 1

If you’ve just adopted a new adolescent or adult dog, graduated from puppy or adolescent class and want to keep building your perfect dog, or decided it’s time to address a few long-standing manners issues, this is where to start. We’ll get your dog on her way to great companionship using a curriculum based on the Association of Professional Dog Trainers C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life & Social Skills) program that focuses on teaching your dog to sit and lie down, stay sitting and lying down when you ask, come when called, stop dragging you down the street, and quit picking up things that don’t belong to them. In short, to pay attention and respond to you when you need them to.

For dogs: Aged 7 months and older
When:  Tuesday, 2/8-3/8; 6:45pm-7:30pm; Tuesday, 3/15-4/12; 6:45pm-7:30pm
Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd. Belmont, NH
Class fee: $170 for 5 weeks


Intermediate Manners C.L.A.S.S., Level 2

Take your Intermediate Manners to the next level as your dog learns to pay attention and work with you in distracting and challenging circumstances such as passing people and dogs, sitting politely to meet new people while being petted, responding to basic commands like stay and come with confidence in distracting situations, while behaving calmly around fellow canines. And we’ll add some new cues, too, including heel and stand.

For dogs: who have graduated Level 1 Basic Manners
When: Monday, 2/14-3/14; 6:00pm-6:45pm

Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd., Belmont, NH
Class fee: $170 for 5 weeks


Advanced Manners; Level 3 - Beginner Off-Leash

Really want to impress your friends and neighbors? Go for your advanced training  and the dog you’ve always wanted and known yours can be. We’ll begin to take your Level 2 behaviors off leash, including walking nicely and heeling, coming when called, and paying attention under increasingly distracting circumstances. And just to put a cherry on top, we’ll learn some showy extras like stopping on command, right and left, sit, down, stop at short distances and targeting to go out.

For dogs: For dogs who have graduated Level 2 Intermediate Manners
When:  Monday, 1/10-2/7; 5:15pm-6:00pm;  Monday, 2/7-3/14; 5:15pm-6:00pm
Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd., Belmont, NH
Class Fee: $205 for 6 weeks


Off-Leash - Level 4

The class prepares you and your dog for more advanced off leash lessons. For those of you who want extended training obedience, this class will focus on advanced off leash distance obedience of Sit/stays, Down/stays, emergency Downs while in motion at a distance, Comes from long distances, Heel command from a Come, go around you and sit beside left leg, Look at you until released, run up, target and stand to anything you point to.

For dogs: For dogs who have graduated MA level Intermediate Manners
When:  Monday, 1/10-2/7; 6:45pm-7:30pm; Monday, 2/14-3/28; 6:45pm-7:30pm
Where: Davis Dog Training; 133 Mile Hill Rd., Belmont, NH
Class fee: $240 for 7 weeks

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We know that scheduling for a 5 or 6 week class commitment can be challenging for you and your four-legged companion. We offer classes that are either once a month and/or three week sessions for you and your dog to brush up on specific skills. If you want a more reliable Come, the class will focus only on Comes with organized fun activities for increasing your dog’s attention with distances and distractions to Come to you. If your dog is dragging you down the street, but does everything else pretty well, we offer a class only on Leash Walking. Some would love to have an organized play group session periodically which we offer once a month. Check out our Facebook page in the Events section for Promotional Classes!