Using Positive Reinforcement Training to coach you how

  to communicate with and teach your dog what you

  expect for a strong bond and harmonious relationship.

Dr. Tammy Davis
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CPDT-KA
C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills Instructor & Evaluator)
Office:  (603) 524-2527   •   Cell: (603) 393-9527


Welcome to

Davis Dog Training

. . . where we teach classes using

positive reinforcement methods

My background includes teaching and coaching children and adults for 25 years.


I also have a passion for dogs.


I have worked closely with Dee Ganley who is a well-known and highly experienced dog trainer in New Hampshire, in becoming a certified dog trainer for the past four years.  I have combined my educational background with my passion for dogs to help people understand, communicate, teach, and coach their dogs for a successful partnership.


My teaching sessions include a structure for exercise, management, self-control, and attention.  We use fun and engaging activities that create a happy, eager, and joyful learning experience for you and your dog.  These activities will help you and your dog to communicate well with one another and create a strong partnership for life.  You’ll learn the joy, challenge, and inspiration of effectively training for the behaviors you want and through good management to extinguish the behaviors you do not want.  For a list of services, please visit the services page.